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Two things I’m boyishly proud of. “Oh, Just a few Boys Horsin’ Around” out on 9/11. Stoked to release this one on @roughbeastrecords and keep an eye out for all their releases this fall! I miss you boys. Kisses! #neverforget #rb03 #restinbeast #dirtnap (at with the birds in paradise)
My one slightly obligatory summer intern post.. THANK YOU ALL so much. Everyone on Sanjay and Craig was an absolute pleasure to work with. I learned so much about this industry, and I learned it from the most rad and gnarly pack of people I’ve ever met. The future is bright, and I hope we all cross paths again. Season two rocks, as I’m sure season three is going to roll. Thank you all for making me feel comfortable. Never be afraid to say “DUDE!? WHATSUP!?” ✌️